Dust In The Wind

So I had a month full of vacations and excitement- put my feet in both the Atlantic Ocean and the Gulf.   Got a promotion- turned it down. Got a new job- accepted that, bia bia! Went to a music festival.  But I did it all with friends and family.   They always enhance experiences or help make things easier to understand.  So.. what all did I do in September?


I started off by going to Edisto Island, South Carolina.   The pond behind our condo had about 1.3billion turtles inhibiting it and they loved to talk to us when we went on the back deck (aka they tried to whore us up for food with their good looks, sultry attitudes, and their impressive ninja skills).  A week at the beach is just what I needed to relax.  Great food, weather, and nice droves on the golf cart around the island.


Another big event was Music Midtown.  I got to hang out with some friends,  drink some overly priced beer, and listen to live music with 500 million thousand people.  Also took pics of all the ridiculous camel toe and asses that belonged in a zoo: FestivASS. Got to see Third Eye Blind, Lorde, Lana Del Ray, John Mayer, Fitz and the Tantrums,  Bastille,  Eminem,  Iggy Azalea,  and more.


Then off to beautiful St Pete Beach with my boyfriend, his mother,  brother, sister,  and sister-in-law.   He grew up there and we went for relaxation and to honor his late father’s wishes to have his ashes scattered in the Gulf.  We did it on what would have been his father’s birthday. It was very moving and I’m honored to have been a part of the experience.


Now I’m back in the big Atlanta,  wishing for a simpler life.  I have a new job now,  so hoping the “trapped” feeling I had is long gone and I can be happier again.  Lots of things happening this month… looking forward to the remainder of my favorite month of the year 🙂


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