It’s fast approaching.  The day full of screams (followed by laughter), spooks,  treats,  ghouls,  and goblins.  The day the big box retailers love because of all the increased sales on items they won’t let you return (candy,  costumes,  etc. Really,  we as a society return items way too often. Know what you want up front.  Thanks, Wal-mart. But that’s a post for another day).  It’s the day we are “allowed” to be someone else.

Most people think of a different life maybe 300 times a day… before lunch,  that is. “What if I went to suchandsuch college instead?  What if I never worked at whatchamacallit? What if I had talked to that guy in class years ago in college?”  Halloween is where all of our “What if?”s can be temporarily satiated.   We put a mask on or the clothes to imitate anther.   We drink heavily on Dracula’s Punch or Witch’s Brew.  Stuff our faces with candy corn,  spicy wolf bites, and spiderweb pizza.

But so many people still get asked, “Who/what are you supposed to be?” Ouch.

I know that’s what I would get asked if I could dress up with how I feel.   What kind of costume do you don that says, “I’ve never been happier in life than in this moment?” Don’t get me wrong.  I’ll still swallow all of Dracula’s Punch (I can’t say no to vodka,  that’s just rude), but I’ll be doing it with a different mentality this year.  I won’t be thinking,  “Drink from me and live forever” or some other depressing thought about fantasy life or immortality traversing the dark alleys and taverns.  I’ll do it with a smile on my face,  ever so thankful and happy to have the life that I do and the people around me to share it with.  2014 has been an insightful year for me- one I never thought would come.  And I plan to savor this Halloween – my favorite holiday – for a new reason: I don’t HAVE to hide anymore.

Eat heavily. Drink plenty.  Be safe, ya’ll.  
And for Christ’s sake, limit the following on this haunted night: saying “I’ll be right back,” going into a garage without turning the lights on (you never know when Mike Myers or Ebola might be hiding in there), having sex with a virgin (you both gonna die…) and STAY OFF YOUR DAMM PHONES AND ENJOY THE NIGHT!  🙂


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