Drink Your Juice, Shelby

Maybe she wants some vodka with it

Let’s face it.  There are just some days where you start to feel like Shelby Eatenton Latcherie looks/behaves in the iconic scene from Steel Magnolias where we learn she has diabetes.  Usually the reason will not matter in a few hours or even a few days, but you still cannot help feeling paralyzed by whatever is causing this groundbreaking freakout.  If you remember, Shelby has too much insulin and the easiest way to compensate is to give her some sugar (and in this case, orange juice is the answer).  The term “Drink your juice, Shelby” has become equivalent to “You need to calm the fuck down!”  It is usually used in jest or to lighten the mood, but not as to poke fun at the disease from which the quote was inspired. 

Sometimes more than the symbolic juice itself, we need someone like M’Lynn Eatenton (fabulously portrayed by Sally Field) to deliver it to us.  Sometimes we need it with a firm hand, like the one a parent is able to provide.  Everyone knows who their M’Lynns in this world are; I just hope everyone takes the time out to truly thank them when they assist in solving a problem they have by making them “drink the juice.”  For someone to invest that much energy into someone else’s problem(s), they really do care.  I think we take them for granted more than we show them our gratitude and appreciation.

You know who else was in Truvy’s salon that day?  Well, Truvy, for starters.  And also Clairee and Annelle.  They represent the friends that support us and those who help support whoever is giving us “the juice.”  They are cleaning up the spills on the floor, pouring the juice for M’Lynn, offering candy for added sugar, etc.  It is like a double layer of support happening.  Whenever we feel like no one gets us or that we are on our own, we need to remember that love, friends, and support are out there and we may just have our rose-tinted glasses on, unable to see what is in front of our faces. 

Take some time out of your day today to thank someone for “giving you the juice” or for helping you get through a tough time.  Let someone know you appreciate them.  Repaying someone with kindness and sincerity is one of the best forms of gratitude.  It takes a person with strength and courage to help talk someone off a cliff in any situation, regardless the severity.  I, for one, need my juice everyday; I am thankful I know where I can go to get it, too.  And as Truvy says, “Smile! It increases your face value!”


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