Welcome to New York: A Throwback

Empire State of Mind

 Walking through a crowd, the village is aglow
Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats
Everybody here wanted something more
Searching for a sound we hadn’t heard before
And it said, “Welcome to New York!  It’s been waiting for you!”


I first went to New York in April earlier this year.  I had always wanted to go for as long as I could remember; two times I almost had the opportunity (and I mean down to the plane ticket and places to stay with either family or hotel) were shattered by unforseen family medical issues.  I planned a trip to New York with my boyfriend and two of our friends, mainly to go see Neil Patrick Harris debut on Broadway in Hedwig and The Angry Inch. 
Despite my eagerness to arrive, the plane ride was smooth and quick.  When we touched down and walked through the terminal we ran into 2 of our friends who live just down the road from us back home.  They have 3 kids together and have been together for nearly 20 years, and were just now getting married as it is legal in New York for same-sex couples.  #smallworld (in every sense of the word). 

We hailed a cab outside.  I have always been scared to ride in a cab in New York because of The Bone Collector (YIKES!) and also just because I get really bad motion sickness and I heard how a ride from the airport to Manhattan is kin to a carnival ride.  He honked his horn more in one trip than I honk in a single month I think- and I live in one of the worst traffic cities in the country!  We are staying at the Grand Hyatt right off 42nd.  It is a John Portman building, which is interesting because I work off that street in Atlanta and in another one of his buildings (again, small world!  Destiny!)  The hotel is gorgeous and we are very impressed with our room when we go to drop off our bags.  But after exploring the room for 25 seconds, we decide to get out in the city!  Like the lyrics above mention, the first place we went was to Greenwich Village.  We head over to Stonewall, a pivotal bar during the “gay uprising” and a big contributor to the fact we have Pride now.  I had a Banana Bread Beer 🙂

It’s a new soundtrack, I could dance to this beat (beat) forevermore
The lights are so bright, but they never blind me (me)
Welcome to New York
It’s been waiting for you
Welcome to New York
Welcome to New York

New York was a surreal dream.  I cannot believe I was only there from Friday afternoon to that Sunday evening.  We did so much, it is insane.  We walked over 50 miles in that time period; we did not want to waste time in cabs (our friends were late to anything we did together as they were stuck in traffic).  Seeing NPH in Hediwg was definitely one of the highlights.  I loved the film in high school and continued to listen to the soundtrack ever since.  He definitely deserved his Tony award for that one! 


Everybody here was someone else before
And you can want who you want
Boys and boys and girls and girls

The streets were so huge, it amazed me.  I loved just looking up and down them while in the crosswalks.  I was constantly impressed with how packed the crosswalks would get with people, too.  Walkers everywhere- and it was amazing.  I hate traffic in the car, but  I do not mind traffic on the sidewalks at all.  I would love to live in a city where I could walk all over like that.

ne night we were walking out of our hotel to Times Square a couple blocks away.  I turned the corner and stopped dead in my tracks.  I saw a familiar face; I was certain.  I immediately loaded Facebook on my phone and sent my friend a message just asking randomly, “Hey, are you near 42nd?” and she said, “Yes!  Where are you???”  We reconnected a few blocks later.  I had not seen her since a post-high school party one summer.  Again, SMALL WORLD!  And earlier that night we ate dinner at a sushi restaurant frequented by Carrie Bradshaw and her comrades from Sex in the City.  Totes amaze.

Nom nom nom sushi

New York is incredible.  Central Park.  Little Italy.  China Town.  The High Line.  The Rock.  Empire State Building.  Battery Park.  Freedom Tower.  Chelsea Piers.  The Wall Street Bull. You name it.  We were all over that place in just the weekend we were there.  I am excited for the day I can go back and explore even more. 

Like any great love, it keeps you guessing
Like any real love, it’s ever-changing
Like any true love, it drives you crazy
But you know you wouldn’t change anything, anything, anything

Freedom Tower



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