My Christmas Wish To You


Christmas and Halloween have always been my favorite holidays.  No, it’s not the candy and the presents.  It’s that most people seem to come alive and be joyous during these times.  My friends and family become lively and engaged.  I love watching people be enthused and happy about something.  Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in the world; it beats money, power, and influence.  These holidays bring so much excitement and love into the lives of friends and family.  If it doesn’t, then your name might be Grinch, Scrooge, or Mayor.

This is my second Christmas being in a relationship.  This is still the first relationship I have ever been in, while I am pushing 30 years old.  I was closeted/tried to change/chose to wait/take your pick.  I do know one thing: Christmas is better when you are with the one you love and the one who adores you as well.  My man is the best of the best.  My single friends are jealous of me or want to be him (depending on the gender lol).  When I met him, I realized I do not need presents anymore.  I can wake up on Christmas morning and see nothing under the tree and be perfectly happy.  He has taught me the life lesson my parents always tried to teach me but I never understood:  it’s not about the number of presents under the tree or how much they cost; it’s about who you spend the holiday with and how you treat them in return.  My only Christmas wish is that he knows how much I adore him and love him and that I can’t imagine my life any better than it is right now.  I want him to know that he has changed me for the better.  He has made me less materialistic and more spirited.  He has made me appreciate the smaller things (even if some of those things drive me crazy and I have my little soapbox tirades…)  Without him, I would be truly lost.  I hope, from the bottom of my heart, that everyone reading this has felt, can feel, or believes they will feel the same way that I do.  I wish this because I can’t imagine denying any human on this earth the feeling of true love, especially around Christmastime.  Druggies, terrorists, rapists, serial killers… well, would they do the things they do if they KNEW true love?  I am not a psychologist, I cannot make those decisions.  I know that nothing they do will bring them the joy, contentment, and satisfaction that I receive when I come home after a terrible commute and greet my man on the couch and I see his eyes shine at me and that smile take all the worries away.  It’s hard to stay upset when I think of myself as he sees me when I open that door.  And then there is my cat, too.  She just adds to the love. 🙂

So my Christmas wish is that you all find love and happiness.  And that you help those around you do the same.  Be kind and genuine.  Don’t wrap up the most expensive thing you can find and put the shiniest bow on top with all that glitter.  Be honest with yourselves and to those you love. Share your life and joy.  You won’t regret it.  Your Christmas and your life will never be the same once you understand that.

And that’s my tip.  Keep the change, ya filthy animals 🙂 (Home Alone has always been one of my favorite holiday movies!)


2 thoughts on “My Christmas Wish To You

  1. You post made my day I’m 31 and I have no family here in the states. During this season I feel so alone and sad mist of the time all I want is to find love. Thanks for your post.

    1. I’m very glad you enjoyed it and that it helped some. I wish you could be closer to your family – just don’t give up or stop looking for love. It truly does come when you least expect it! Happy holidays to you 🙂

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