Life Coach: Cordelia Chase, The Friend We All Need


Where does one begin to describe Cordelia Chase?  She joins Buffy the Vampire Slayer as a potential new friend to the recent transfer student, Buffy Summers.  She is clearly and quickly identified as one of the popular cheerleaders and her sense of fashion is flawless.  She’s gorgeous and she has the life that Buffy thinks she wants.  Over time we begin to rely on Cordelia for comic relief as she becomes quite the witty wordsmith.  Cordelia is someone we all need as a friend in our lives.  She would make a great addition to any of our inner circles.  And you know I have a lot of reasons why…

Strong Prioritization Abilities
So many different things tug at us each and every day.  Competing priorities can be hard to manage successfully.  Not for Cordelia Chase.  She is able to prioritize with the best of them.  Being able to clearly define priorities is a sure indicator that a person is intelligent and emotionally mature on every level.  Similarly, she is able to recognize when something is a lost cause and should no longer be a priority (because let’s face it, the world is constantly changing and we have to be able to juggle priorities on a daily basis).  The smartest thing we can do in life is to align ourselves with friends, like Cordelia, that are able to prioritize so fearlessly and effectively.


She Can Keep a Secret
We all have skeletons in our closets.  We all have secrets.  Secrets are not inherently bad, but it is nice to have someone to tell them to sporadically.  What’s worse than telling someone a deep, dark secret and then reading about it on Twitter the next day as it’s trending?  Some people would swiftly trade your friendship and secrets for the most likes or retweets, but not Cordelia.  She can poetically devise code to discuss your secret(s) in public settings…



Pure Selflessness
She is one to put your needs before her own.  She truly cares about what’s affecting you and wants to be that shoulder you can lean on in times of need.  Cordelia yearns to understand any experiences that may have an influence on your present state of well-being.  It may come off as sassy and bitchy, but… she cares…



Confidence Level: 100
Nothing is more encouraging and inspirational than a confident friend.  By the powers of osmosis (or maybe it’s the communicative property or even the transitive property… I don’t know…), if we surround ourselves with confident people then we, too, should increase our confidence.  Know your strengths and display them proudly.  Be proud and boldly announce your best qualities at every opportunity. Seize the day! #BossBabe




No Fluff. She Cuts to the Chase (no pun intended)
Cordelia does not beat around the bush when it comes to conversation.  She knows what she wants to say and she puts herself out there and says it.  She is direct and honest and knows everyone else has other things they would rather be spending their time doing.  You want to know if that outfit makes you look fat or if you should reapply your makeup?  You will absolutely get an immediate, brutally honest answer from her.  Cordelia appreciates concise conversation with zero tolerance for bullshit.  Like that one time she is trying to locate a killer on campus and goes to ask one of the teachers about it under the facade that it’s an article for the school yearbook (a detailed plan with sample questions created by brainiac Willow)…




Like Sophocles, She is a True Philosopher
Anyone who has watched the show (anyone with half a brain, that is…) knows what a scholar Cordelia is.  I mean, she did get acceptance letters from universities including Columbia.  So it should come as no surprise to you that I can recognize what a true philosopher Cordelia really is.  She just has this presence about her… and she has an uncanny ability to really make you furrow your brow, squint your eyes, tilt your head in the air and go, “Hmmm…”



Applier of the Knowledge
As just seen above, Cordelia’s brain power is extraordinarily greater than the average person.  Similarly, she has the ability to identify present day experiences that connect with ancient literary works, such as that of Shakespeare.  I could barely understand the words when I was in high school, while Cordelia is able to draw parallels between the fictional past and the present like a goddamn soothsayer.


She Doesn’t Hold a Grudge
We do things that piss our friends off more often than we would like to admit.  Pride takes over, we don’t apologize, and situations become awkward.  Not with Cordelia.  She can accept the facts and move on.  She is able to identify the silver lining in any situation, no matter how dire it may seem.  She will not hold a grudge; she values your friendship too much.  All she wants is a little faith and harmony (not the rogue slayer or former-cheerleader-turned-vampire, respectively)…



Self-Awareness and Sensitivity
Cordelia comes across with skin as thick as a dragon, but she has a sensitive side and she is skilled at being self-aware.  She wants to be heard for her ideas, not simply because of how popular she is.  We can learn from Cordelia that we need to embrace our inner-wuss from time to time.  It’s okay to let your guard down and rely on your friends instead of being that rock for them all the time.  Don’t worry, Cordelia.  We like you for you, girl.


Inspiration Leader
She wasn’t just a cheerleader in high school; she was an inspiration leader.  She knew just how to help you get over what ever problem you were facing.  Her uplifting words can turn a frown upside down and make you start living and loving life once more.  We should all be so blessed to have a friend as sweet, endearing, and uplifting as Cordelia.



She Stands Up For Herself
She is not going to play the role of Tina Turner, no ma’am.  She stands up for herself and defends everything she says and does.  Cordelia is not the woman you want to mess with because she can take care of bullies like nobody’s business.  Her anti-bullying campaign will be trending around the world soon enough.  Mariah, Whitney, Tina, Halle… you all should take some notes from Cordelia on how fight back and reclaim your independence.




Everyday I strive to be more like Cordelia Chase.  She has every quality that we need in life to succeed.  Let’s all learn from her, live for her, and worship her.  We owe so much to her.  I hope she runs for president in 2016.  She would make a wonderful leader!



12 thoughts on “Life Coach: Cordelia Chase, The Friend We All Need

  1. Oh god. I hated Cordy for the first season, then she started growing on me, and when she went to Angel I loved her! She probably had the biggest and most drastic character development on that show.

  2. I didn’t realize how much I miss her character. I used to watch Buffy a LONG time ago. These gifs are great! Makes e want to be a Cordella type of friend. 🙂

  3. Haha, when I was a kid I never liked cordelia, but I did a recent rewatch (sigh, netflix) and she was easily the best part of the first few seasons. I kind of loved her take no prisoners attitude. Go get it girl!

  4. Okay, seriously, this made me want to turn on Netflix and watch Buffy all over again from the beginning (I probably will eventually though, because let’s be honest, Buffy was freaking awesome). I always loved Cordelia because of many of the reasons you named. She was always confident, hilarious, and also a great friend.

  5. I was 12 years old when i started watching Buffy reruns on fox. And I was just sooo in love with her. I never hated her character. I still find her bluntness and confidence so refreshing. Also when she was on Angel my heart swelled and enjoyed every moment she was on tv.
    She was very self reliant, and was able to make her own rags to riches story. She was also very resourceful in terms of what she can do to make her life better. She was not for the wallow in sorrow types. She was for the stand up for yourself and make a life you know you want.

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