Red, White, and Blonde: The Elegance and Power of Claire Underwood

RedWhiteBlonde There are two types of people in this world.  There are those who watch House of Cards on Netflix.  And then there are those who are wrong.  Whether you genuinely like politics or not, House of Cards is one of the greatest things to grace this earth since Betty White or Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  While I am deeply and masochistically in love with Francis Underwood’s character,  I must say that I am seduced even more every single episode by his wife, Claire Underwood.  They say behind every great man is an even greater woman.  “Great” does not begin to describe Claire.  Words that begin to do her justice include strikingly elegant, ruthlessly seductive, cunning, charmingly manipulative, and fierce.  In this show we learn that behind every great man is a woman with blood on her hands.  Francis Underwood would not be half as dangerous as he is without a wife even more dangerous constantly pushing him.

Wine Enthusiast
Wine is one of the creations that makes life worth living.  You can always celebrate your victories of politically murdering your opponents or mourn your losses with a nice red zinfandel.  She is not stupid nor is she someone to try and take advantage of.  No one looks as smug, confident, and sexy as Claire does when drinking wine… hoc_wineFashion Icon
Every time she comes on screen I gush.  I just can’t accept that someone so stylishly elegant and glamorous exists other than my boyfriend.  My jaw drops every time Her Majesty enters a room with her high heels and chic business dresses.  She makes professional clothing look HOT!  And this is a great thing because too often in the workplace women are seen as dressing either too sexy or too masculine.  In Season 3 she dons a Ralph Lauren silk gown and with her underneath, it is beyond the most beautiful thing I have ever laid eyes on.  She is on par with and often even exceeds Michelle Obama-level style!


And if she doesn’t scream “FIERCE!” in that dress or with her Marc Jacobs pussycat bow blouse on the right, I don’t know what does.

Oprah Who?
As unfair as it is, in general it is harder for a woman to get ahead in business than it is for a man.  Now I know Oprah is quite the leader, marketer, and strategist.  I know she was once deemed unfit for television and is now one of the richest women in the world running her OWN network.  But let’s talk about Claire Underwood for just a second.   Claire was the CEO of the nonprofit Clean Water Initiative (CWI).  She used her cunning skills and manipulative prowess in her job and to help her husband become Vice President and then ultimately President of the United States.  This woman is a true boss bitch if I ever saw one.  A true boss bitch totally deserving to be FLOTUS! hoc_firstlady hoc_firstlady2 Can I Be a Nerd, Too?
Nothing pains me more (that’s a lie) than people who claim to be nerdy just because they don’t have 20/20 vision and have to wear glasses.  Like, bitch, please.  Quit trying to prostitute yourself on social media as the hipster whore you are for a few more likes on your Instagram-filtered photos.  Claire Underwood is the furthest thing from a nerd and she looks like a total bombass pro in her glasses.  I have officially quit eating carrots and pray every night for weaker vision so I can purchase designer glasses and pretend to be her in my spare time. hoc_claireglasses hoc_ariel Unwinding Is Important
Claire is nothing less than a busy woman whose brain is always on the go.  It’s important that we take time in life to decompress and wind down when the opportunity arises.  While I do not particularly like the activity that Claire engages in, I do respect its sanctity and sacredness.  She and her husband will take turns smoking a cigarette while they confess what they did that day or what deep, dark plans they have when the next sun rises.  Love these two so much; they have the perfect chemistry! hoc_clairesmoke The Most Magical Hair In The World
Claire’s hair could and should earn its own salary.  It is constantly flawless and personifies her control and power.  Her frosted crop cut with longer bangs is a mixture of soccer mom and cutthroat seduction.  One of the first features of her I notice when she comes on screen, her perfectly platinum locks make her seem even more confident and in charge.  I can’t even stress how many times I see her and gasp out loud, “GOD SHE’S SO PERFECT I MEAN LOOK AT THAT HAIR!”  *spoiler alert* I was totally unhappy when she died it brown for a few episodes in season 3.  Thankfully she said, “BYE, Felicia” to that doodoo color and went back to her badass blondness.  Long live Claire’s hair! hoc_clairehair hoc_llamahair Make An Impression
In life, it is all about having the upper hand.  If you control the situation, you can control the outcome.  Whatever you want is yours for the taking as long as you set a goal and you never stop attacking.  Who is to say you can’t have every thing you have ever wanted?   Let nothing get in your way.  Don’t let any single person be the reason you settle for less than the happiness you know you deserve.  Make damn sure that everyone knows you mean business and you can be ruthless if you need to be. hoc_clairechilddie hoc_claireenemy I Agree With The President
I am, if anything, a patriotic person.  Who am I to disagree with the President of the United States whom was elected by the people I interact with every day?  How can the judgment of one of the most important men on the planet be wrong?  Should I not trust that a man who is leading my country knows a brilliant woman when he chooses to marry her?  Yes.  Emphatically so.  I share Francis Underwood’s thoughts on his wife all day erry’day.  Don’t ask yourself what your country can do for you.  Ask yourself what you can do for your country and the First Lady who represents it. hoc_franklovesclaire


13 thoughts on “Red, White, and Blonde: The Elegance and Power of Claire Underwood

  1. This is fantastic! I have such a girl crush on Claire. She is such an incredible combination of power and poise. I want her arms, her wardrobe, and her cleverness. Ugh, words just fall flat! Claire is possibly the greatest and most consistent female character ever written for TV.

    1. I know exactly what you mean! I want to hate her and Francis because they are rather manipulative and evil… but they are just so gosh-darned elegant and poised I can’t help but be in love with them lol

      1. Yes, that’s exactly it! Sometimes I forget they are pure evil because they just make it look SO good!

    1. I am deeply in love with Kevin Spacey/Francis Underwood.. so I am a litlte sad about it… BUT it showed HUGE guts to make that decision! I am still thinking she is going to flip this to her advantage for season 4…. maybe SHE will end up running for President…? Time will tell!

  2. I have to be honest… I have never watched this show. Claire looks absolutely gorgeous though! Some women can just pull off short hair and the whole shebang.

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