Easter Eggs In Horror Movies

Easter Eggs In Horror Movies

Another holiday is near which means another chance to exploit the horror genre of film.  Right?!  Well… right-ish, anyway.  While I would LOVE to talk to you all about some killer Easter classics such as Serial Rabbit, Easter Casket, or Easter Bunny, Kill! Kill!, I would actually like to attract followers and not push them away with a massive amount of my inner-freak.  Too late?  Anywhozer, I can’t ignore the holiday entirely.  And I can’t suppress my deep love for horror films, either.  I will do my best to create a mash-up, as the kids on Glee would call it.  I will talk about some of the Easter eggs that have been hidden in some horror movies over the years.  How’s that?  Well, let’s get crackin’!  (Not the eggs, because that could cause salmonella and make you poo and puke horribly.  Not to mention, ew.)

1.  Scream
In the first movie of the Scream Trilogy+1, we see a big cameo from a horror genius!  But who else caught it?  This man was one of the first to introduce gang bang teenage rape as a major plot line in a horror movie.  He was the guy who made you afraid to go to sleep in the early 1980’s for fear of being drug up on the ceiling and slashed to pieces.  That’s right, boys and girls.  Wes Craven appeared in Woodsobro High as the creepy janitor, donning the famed red and green sweater that Freddy Krueger wore to slice and dice his way through the children and dream warriors of Elm Street.

1, 2, Freddy's mopping for you...

2.  Driving Miss Daisy… err.. Leigh
We all grew up loving Janet Leigh from her role in Psycho.  Because of her incredible performance combined with Anthony Perkins (#GayPower!), I think it’s safe to say we have all, at one time or another, completely freaked out in the shower.  Most of the time it was just soap falling off the shelf, and who doesn’t love to bend over and pick it up?  Am I the only one who acts all sultry in the shower?  Yes?  No?  Whatever.  If I am getting killed while I am all wet and sudsy in the shower, it’s going to be an elegant, sexy, and scandalous murder.

I digress.  Remember the car that Janet Leigh is driving in Psycho?  It’s the one where she’s fleeing from the bank robbery to the Bates Motel.  Able to picture it yet?  Good.  Flash forward 38 years.  And add a kid.  That kid is Jamie Lee Curtis, Scream Queen icon from Prom Night, Halloween, etc.  Mother and daughter reunite in Halloween: H20, where Janet is seen with the same model car from Psycho, a 1957 Ford Custom 300 Fordor sedan.  I’d be checkin’ that trunk for a shit load of money!  But I bet that bourgie ol’ bag spent it all on whores and meth by now, anyway.  Boo.


3.  Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday (spoiler alert: it ISN’T the final Friday)
Jason dies.  Jason is resurrected.  Jason dies.  He gets brought back to life again.  His first kills tend to be people having the baby-makin’ sex.  He’s just upset because he can’t even get a blowjob from his dead mother’s decapitated head anymore.  Those eye sockets were squishy, I bet.  “Eww… when’s he getting to the Easter egg?”  Right now.  If you have seen any of the Evil Dead movies, you know what the Necronomicon is.  It’s The Book of The Dead, bound in human flesh and inked in blood.  It can be seen near the end of Jason Goes To Hell.  Side note:  What were the writers thinking in this movie?  How can you make the end of the movie the name of the movie?  And we thought AMC’s The Walking Dead Facebook page was bad at spoilers…



4.  Buffy Never Goes Out Of Style
Halloween: H20 was desperately trying to revive the franchise with its release and did whatever it could to engage its audience.  You saw earlier the nod to Psycho.  Old school horror fans of the world rejoice!  Now it’s time for the younger generation to get their payday.  The teens in H20 can be seen watching Scream 2, the one where Jada Pinkett literally She-Hulks out at the beginning as she pops veins out of her neck so ginormous even the most famous male porn star gets “Dick Vein Envy.”  But do you remember the time that Scream 1 referenced Jamie Lee Curtis as the legendary Scream Queen and they watched Halloween?  So, now in H20, a movie where Jamie Lee Curtis is acting out a character, we see a reference to a movie that references her as an actor in the movie series we are watching.  It’s like a gigantic enigma that makes your head want to explode.  Just grab your nearest Reese’s Egg and accept it.

-I told you that you could put it

scream 2

5.  Where In The World Is Jigsaw Sandiego?
You thought that little troll with the hippy swirled cheeks was just peddling around on his tricycle in the Saw movies, right?  Well, that ventriloquist’s wet dream version of Leprechaun is all over the horror-verse.  First, we can see him in the movie Dead Silence.  He’s just chillin’ on the floor.  He’s probably hoping for a little action with the Wall-o-Dummies in the classic, haunted theater where he’s hanging out.  I bet having dummy sex would be horrible for a male doll.  Like, the more sex you have the smaller your wang gets because it’s just whittling away… whittling away into a point that will pierce even the toughest vampire’s chest.


Ow!  It's a little pointier than usual,

Next, we can see a drawing of Jigsaw on a chalkboard in Insidious.  I mean, who wouldn’t wanna be behind Patrick Wilson for hours on end?  On a hot summer’s day, you could cook a steak and eggs on that rump of his.


6.  Shaun of the Dead
Another movie with two Easter eggs… err.. kind of.  One just has to do with Simon Pegg.  But I’ll start with the one directly related to the film.  Surely everyone who has ever watched this movie isn’t some bandwagon zombie fan orgasming at the mere trailer for every Walking Dead episode.  Surely people can remember some of the people who helped make zombies what they are today.  One of those people is Lucio Fulci, an Italian horror director who was famous for flicks such as Zombi 2 and City of the Living Dead.  Well, hold on to your seat belts nerds.  And bourgie nouve riche bandwagon fans, clutch those pearls and get ready to tweet.  In the phone book we can see an ad for Fulci’s Restaurant, directly referring to the Italian gore master himself.

fulciNext, we just see Simon Pegg as a zombie in Land of the Dead.  No big deal.  NO BIG DEAL.


7.  He Sees You When You’re Swimming
“… He knows when you’re awake.”  And I am NOT talking about Santa.  I’m referring to Predator, a serious perv who likes to go invisi-whore on us.  He was literally one of the reasons I hated swimming in a pool by myself.  I deluded myself into believing he was underwater with me, spying on me and secretly touching himself right before he bit me with his claw mouth and shot me with a homing missile.  I know.  I had some issues growing up… bless my parents!

In Predator 2, however, we can see Xenomorph heads.  This Easter Egg was a long time before the Alien Vs Predator crossover movies were created, too.  Every nerd on the planet was geeking out in his Star Wars briefs so hard that anyone could ask, “Is that a lightsaber in your pants or are you just happy to see me?”


Damn, he got a fineass!


8.  Rocky Horror Egg Hunt
Rocky Horror is technically not a horror movie, unless you are an unfortunate member of the GOP in Indiana and the thought of gay people eating pizza sends you into a pre-civilized, segregated, psychotic, inhumane frenzy.  In that case, I can see how you would cry yourself to sleep thinking about all the glitter, lingerie, and fabulous singing by Susan Sarandon and Tim Curry.  Anyway… the Easter egg in this movie is… an ACTUAL Easter egg.  The cast had an Easter egg hunt on set and I guess they didn’t find them all… I bet Susan Sarandon hid that shit very well!  DAMNIT, JANET!  (I still love youooooooo!)


9.  The Red-Headed, Freckle-Faced Bish
Chucky terrified me when I was little.  I had a My Buddy Doll (who looked just like Chucky in his overalls except he had blonde hair and no freckles) growing up.  I still remember the commercial and catch myself singing the jingle in the shower, mainly when I’m scrub-a-dub-dubbing my manhood.  “My Buddy (my buddy!), My Buddy and meeeeeee!”  The Chucky movies lost me with Bride of Chucky.  However, there is a great Easter egg… or better yet, bunch of Easter eggs in this one!  The pictures below shows Jason’s mask, Leatherface’s chainsaw, Freddy’s razor gloves, and Michael Myers’s mask.



10.  Orgasms Obvi Aren’t The Only Easy Thing To Fake
It’s okay to fake it every now and then.  Sometimes I fake being bad at Mario Kart so people can win for a change.  Hell, I even faked to like girl parts for a little while.  That’s okay, right?  But there are two things you should NEVER fake: 1) Orgasms 2) Moon landings.  One of the MANY Easter eggs in Stanley Kubrick’s movie, The Shining, alludes to the latter.  The little boy, Danny, just may be wearing an Apollo mission sweater to hint at Kubrick’s involvement in faking and covering up the moon landing that may or may not have taken part on Stage 237 (which is also the number of THE ROOM in The Shining).


11.  Det er ikke en hund. Farvel, Felicia!
…which roughly translates into, “It’s not a dog!  BYE, FELICIA!”  John Carpenter’s famed movie, The Thing, was so close to not even happening.  If any of the people at the beginning spoke Norwegian, it would have ended right there.  The Norwegians are literally yelling, “It’s not a dog!  Get the hell away [Felicia]!  It’s imitating a dog!  It’s not real!  Get away, idiots [Felicias]!”  Just think if the TARDIS had been around… everything would have been translated automatically and a lot of the pain and suffering (mainly of just having to WATCH this film) would never have happened…

Really, I'm a dog.

Hope you enjoyed hearing about these hidden Easter eggs in some of my favorite horror movies.  What are some cameos or Easter eggs that you noticed in other horror movies?


28 thoughts on “Easter Eggs In Horror Movies

    1. LOVE Evil Dead! And yes – that movie is sort of a comedy horror movie. The modern day remake, however, is NOT so much – it is pure horror and terror lol

  1. Where’s Wrong Turn? Or is it a horror movie? lol. I just love horror movies I remember when I was a kid, I was watching with my palms on my face leaving a crack in between my fingers so I can see the film anyway. ha ha

  2. Oh I was just trying to sort my Easter holidays and here you go! You have come up with a list of some horror movies. Thanks 😀

  3. I love horror flicks. I noticed the Scream ones. Never really paid attention to the Evil Dead. That one is funnier by accident than most comedies on purpose. The Predator was a bit of a perv though. Thank you for pointing that out. I knew it wasn’t just me!

  4. Omg when I was a kid, my dad and eye would binge watch horror movies. I was so AFRAID I couldn’t sleep at night. I think Chucky or any possessed doll movie still freaks me out. Great post!

  5. Loved this! I love horror movies, me and my sister always watch them when we get together! We always love the rubbish ones from the poundshop and have a good laugh at them. The picture saying “lightsaber in my pocket it is not” really made me laugh HAHA

  6. I love finding Easter eggs in movies. I am not a big horror fan so I haven’t seen most of these movies. But I have watched Scream a lot and never noticed “Freddy the Janitor”

  7. Who would’ve thought that Easter eggs were in all of these movies! I love all the memes that you’ve used.. particularly the one of Yoda and Luke Skywalker! xD

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