Bye, Felicia: Annoying Characters Buffy Should Have Staked

Buffy Should Have Staked

We love our Buffy.  That’s a given.  More than likely, we think it is the greatest reason for living if there’s ever been one!  Okay, maybe we are not that obsessed (just kidding, we are…), but no one can deny its TV prowess.  But there has to be a balance of things we dislike about the show or characters we find annoying or else the universe might actually implode then explode then implode all over again (as is the case with Buffy). However, I think we can all agree on a few characters that are MAJORLY stake-worthy.  As pesky as they are, let’s remember they do serve as a balance to the awesome amazeballs that is the rest of the show.  Now, let’s look at some of those annoying characters in a little more detail who always make us roll our eyes in disdain along with Buffy…


Dawn Summers
I will start off with the obvious: Dawn.  She is a brat!  But that’s the point; she is forced into the timeline of the show abruptly as a little, annoying, kid sister.  Her entire role in life at that point IS to be annoying to her big sister, and all of Buffy’s fans.  But once her position and status as the Key are no longer an issue, why does she have to stay?  Other than to bless us with ALL the drama of her ” Get out! GETOUTGETOUT!!!!” moments, that is.  I have an idea for a drinking game.  Every time Dawn storms away or sashays her hair across the screen, take a shot.  You’d be drunk in one episode for sure. BYE, FELICIA!



Oh, if there is one human I wish Faith would brutally and accidentally shove a stake into again, it would be Rona.  She is basically Grumpy Bear incarnate.  She is always sullen and negative.  And I always want to choke her with her dreadlocks until she passes out before I throw her into a pit of Fyarl Demons.  Her one liners and punchlines make me want to puke.  She actually thinks she’s being clever and fun?  She was literally angry at everything and everyone all of the time.  And I quote, “Who the hell’s got the low fat milk?”  Why so angry?!  If anything though, she does make us appreciate Dawn a little more in the episode “Empty Spaces.”  They “vote” Buffy out of the house and Rona responds with, “Ding, dong the witch is dead.”  Dawn angrily retorts,  “SHUT. YOUR. MOUTH.”  BYE, FELICIA!

Rona dead


Willow, by far the best character in the history of television shows, loses major points for being into Kennedy.  Ugh.  I began to question Willow on a very fundamental level in Season 7.  I would be happier if she had black hair, veins, and was flaying people alive left and right.  I can’t even begin with the “angry lesbianism, woe is me” bullshit of which Kennedy seems to be infused.  She is a self-admitted brat, loud, overly aggressive, and spoiled rotten.  Maybe the point of Kennedy is to make us love and long for Tara even more?  She sure makes me reminisce about the Tara Days!  Kennedy has the worst acting skills imaginable and she contributes nothing.  BYE, FELICIA!

she makes tongue rings less cool


Kathy Newman
Okay… she is annoying, for sure.  BUT she is the funniest annoying person I think I have ever seen on TV.  I do absolutely love her.  She irons jeans while listening to Cher.  She did ruin Buffy’s sweater, thought.  And for that she MUST die.  So… Buffy did sort of finish off this character.  But even in her death she is so annoying that I had to put her on this list.  BYE, FELICIA!



Honorable Mentions

  1. Graham (one of Riley’s Initiative buddies):  While extremely hot, he lacks the traits of any living creature.  He is the most robotic shell of a person I have ever seen grace the screen.  How he managed to stay in the show over half a season and make a cameo in the next season is beyond my powers of comprehension.
  2. Riley Finn:  Although not worthy of being on the ACTUAL list of most annoying people of Buffy, he is worthy of an honorable mention.  He is always throwing himself a pity party.  Dude, get over it.  You’re not the slayer.  DEAL with it!
  3. Principal Flutie:  He was a fat and even more annoying version of David Schwimmer.  Could the hyena episode not have happened way sooner so his lumpy ass could have been cannibalized way sooner?
  4. Scott Hope:  Ugh.  Terrible acting by this guy.  And so not cute.  And such a whiny, closeted loser.  Bye, Scott.  Just… bye.



15 thoughts on “Bye, Felicia: Annoying Characters Buffy Should Have Staked

  1. I think this is my one problem with Buffy. It has great storylines, amazing character arcs and fantastic humour, but it keeps hitting its own head against a brick wall for no reason. Dawn is the best example. OK, the fans didn’t like her – easy fix! Get rid of her. Whedon dumps characters like he dumps toilet paper. But she managed to stay on for THREE seasons. After the fifth one, she was pointless and a waste of space.

    As for Kennedy, I never really had an opinion of her. She was just there. Which, I guess, is probably a good definition for ‘terrible character!’

    1. I know what you mean… it’s the only reason I didn’t talk about Angel (who some people refer to as the Brooding Captain Forehead)… he makes me purrrrrrr

      1. Ugh yeah you can have him. I’m wondering what you’ll think of Mr. Murdock… Get started on Daredevil!!! (Can you tell I’m a little obsessed? lol)

  2. So I feel like I’ve probably been living under a rock (alright, so I have been), but where did the whole “Bye, Felicia” term come from? :O I keep hearing it, but have no idea about its origin!

    I shall add this show to my to-watch list. :O I hope it’s on Netflix (and that I remember my friend’s sister’s account’s password…)!

    1. It originally came from the original Friday movie. 🙂 LOL – but it just started being re-used again heavily like the last 2 years or so.

      It is on Netflix 🙂

  3. OMG! This list is great! I totally forgot how bad Dawn’s crying face was. This series has been one of my favorites that’s ever graced TV, but you’re very right about its ongoing annoying list of characters since Season 1. Damn! Now I need a marathon!

  4. I pretty much agree with this list wholeheartedly. To me the worst offender will always be Kennedy though. Hated her and everything about her. And I felt like even if it was supposed to show Willow moving on and being happy again, I felt it was too soon after Tara’s death for her to just jump into bed with the first chick who basically forced herself on her. Kennedy wasn’t funny or cute or charming, just annoying. And after being with two gentle, kind people (Oz and Tara) Kennedy was SO not Willow’s type other than she happened to be a lesbian. Ugh. But I did like Principal Flutie…Snyder was more entertaining, but Flutie wasn’t so bad.

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