Rupert Giles: True Father Figure

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“Family” the sixth episode of season 5, taught us that family is not dependent on blood relations.  All of the Scoobies stand up for and stand beside Tara when her dad tries to take her away from Sunnydale.  They showed us they are her true family.  Even if Tara was a demon, they would have still loved her.  What we may not have known is that we were being taught that the entire series through the relationship between Giles and Buffy.  He was not her real father.  But he filled that role better than anyone else could have and we all felt it when we saw them on screen together.  I mean, he even had sex with her mother… doesn’t that sort of put the nail on the coffin?

Rewarding Good Behavior
I guess one of the first things I remember being young is that when I did something right, I got rewarded.  When I did something wrong, I would be punished.  It’s a fairly simple way to help kids learn the difference between right and wrong.  So it makes sense that Buffy and Giles had a similar relationship, yea?


A Father’s Defense
Giles stands beside his Slayer all the time.  He stands by her the way a father would.  How many of you have had a dad who gave you a hard time/worried about you dating?  Or what if you were hurt by someone who was just after sex or whatever?  All that sort of reminds me of how Giles handles the Mayor saying, “I’m gonna eat her” right before a sword gets shoved through his chest.


Unconditional Love
Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why Giles is such a great father figure is his unconditional love for Buffy.  She is a teenager and messes up a lot – kinda part of the point of being a teen.  But even through some frustrations and misunderstandings, he is always there for her and loves her regardless.  He helps her learn from her experiences.


Early on, we know that Buffy loves Giles, too.  She loves him the way she wishes she could have loved her own father, Hank.  When Jenny Calendar dies, Giles completely loses it.  Buffy does everything she can to stand in and give him support in that terrible time.  And we all cried.

giles_buffysupportPouting Works
You know you are a true parent when you can’t stand to see your child upset or hurt.  The smallest frown can almost change your mind when you have made a decision that may be unfavorable in the eyes of your child.  You promise yourself you won’t give in, but in the end…


Just a Big Kid
Sometimes when you’re a parent you have to be a kid yourself.  This could mean a lot of things, and dressing up for Halloween in some ridiculous outfit is definitely one of them!  Sometimes you have to just live and have fun- responsibilities will be there tomorrow and it’s a great message to send to your children that you don’t always have to worry about everything all the time and be wound up.  De-stressing is okay!


Giles really knew when to help you believe in yourself.  We are constantly doubting themselves and worried we might mess up or feel the wrong way about something.  We turn to certain people to help is through those doubts and reassure us that everything is going to be okay and that we are not broken or damaged for thinking or feeling the way we do.  We turn to people like Giles.


A Shoulder to Cry On
Giles is always around to listen to your problems or help solve them (unless he’s run off to England because he feels washed up and useless…)  He know just what to say any about any situation that will ease your troubles.  He understands your pains…


A Father’s Love
Who can forget the episode “Helpless” in season three when Giles has to “deactivate” Buffy’s slayer powers only to force her into a fight with a real vampire as if she were a “normal” teen girl?  At first when we watch it we are so angry and mad at Giles!  As the show progresses, we learn that he is not a monster and cruel person (well, he kind of was…) because he feels terrible about what he’s doing.  He stands up to the Watcher’s Council and we can see his fatherly love for Buffy has never been stronger…


Little White Lies
Parents often tell their children small, white lies in order to protect them or perhaps prolong their innocence.  Sometimes letting them believe something that isn’t true because the harsh reality is better than seeing how defeated, disappointed, or hopeless they might become if they knew the truth.


If I Didn’t See It…
There are plenty of times where parents have “If I didn’t see it, it didn’t happen moments,” and now after many seasons we learn that Giles was in on it all along…


What is a parent best at if not embarrassing their children in front of their friends?  We have all had those moments where our parents are trying to be hip or cool and fit in with us… or just make us laugh.  Who else remembers the time Giles used to break away from the gang to go sing and play guitar at the coffee shop?  Who else remembers when he got caught…?


There are plenty more moments they shared, the above were but a handful of amazing moments… moments between student and teacher… slayer and watcher… daughter and father…




12 thoughts on “Rupert Giles: True Father Figure

  1. Aw, that was a sweet post. Although I must say – even though Giles looks and sort of behaves like my dad, which ew, gross – I love it when the girls all kind of melt at his coffee house musical sexiness.

      1. As in good or bad? Because I’ve always found that Joss Whedon really oversold the vocal abilities of some of the people on his shows (ola, Giles and Spike.)

      2. So weird, but I actually own it, yet have never seen it. It was one of those $5-in-a-bin-at-Walmart things and we picked it up because, you know, Giles. 🙂

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