Friends Since 1994


Back in 1994, one of the greatest television shows ever aired for the very first time.  Suddenly everyone you knew started clapping a whole lot, especially when they heard The Rembrandts “I’ll Be There For You.”  We laughed like we never knew we could.  And we finally had the best Friends that anyone could ever ask for: Rachel, Ross, Monica, Chandler, Phoebe, and Joey.

All the friends have their stories and quirks.  Rachel is the fashion queen and comes to us as spoiled and entitled but quickly fills the role of America’s sweetheart.  Ross was a high school nerd turned adult paleontologist who has the worst track record with relationships.  His first wife turns out to be a lesbian.  While saying his vows in his second wedding he utters another woman’s name.  He even gets married a third time hastily while drunk in Las Vegas.  Monica, who utters the very first words of the series, is the control freak of the group.  Younger sister to Ross, she was extremely awkward and overweight in high school and became a chef in New York years later.  She loves to cook, clean, control, organize, and WIN.  Chandler is supposed to be the jokester of the group and has the corporate desk job.  Phoebe is the free spirit masseuse who seems a little off the ground.  She is a riot and she is a favorite character for many fans.  Joey is the struggling actor who is dumber than a box of hammers most of the time, but he’s got a big heart and proves time and time again he would do anything for his friends.

All of the characters feed off of each other.  If any one element was missing, the show would have never been the same nor would it have reached the pinnacle of success that it did.  Every other day I find myself concluding that I *know* who my favorite character is only to change my mind moments later.  It is almost impossible to land on just one.  If I had to pick one today, though, it would be Monica.

  1.  Gimme a break!  Her priorities are totally spot on!
  2. She knows how to eye-sex better than anyone.
  3. She’s actually sad there is not a mini-Dust Buster to clean the normal sized one.  Don’t even get me started on how many categories she has to organize her towels (*cough* eleven *cough*)
  4. She’s not afraid to make a statement with a new hairdo.  Does it sound like a wind chime?
  5. She is proficient in sign language.
  6. Dance skills on fleek and off the charts!  *oontz oontz*
  7. Her competitive nature is beyond sexy.  Wouldn’t you play games with her?
  8. She’s the sexiest turkey I’ve ever seen.  I’d baste all over that face…
  9. Her passion for work is uncanny.  Who hasn’t felt this way when working with the public?
  10. She knows the secret to the best sex.  Or maybe she’s a mathematician.  I just know I want to be a part of whatever she’s doing…

Who is your favorite Friend?  Do you ever think you may be the Monica of your group of friends?  Do you want to be?  Not surprising to me, I was Rachel with every Friends quiz I have ever taken.  I think I would be a hybrid of Rachel and Monica if that were possible.  Those who know me would tend to agree!

Even after many years, we still love this show.  Whenever I watch it or even hear the theme song, I am transported back to the 90’s.  Friends has the power to do that.  In true spirit of the theme song, thanks to the show for always being there for us.  *clap clap clap clap*


17 thoughts on “Friends Since 1994

  1. I’m likely Chandler: so sarcastic it’s not even funny 🙂 After watching every season at least 8 times, my favorite character in the early years is Chandler. In the later seasons- seasons 6 – 10, it’s Ross, no contest.

  2. Wow! Surely it’s not been that long? I’d say chandler was my most fave closely followed by Monica. Ross was probably my least favourite. I did also secretly love Janice – you remember Janice don’t you lol

  3. hahaha, so many great points in this! :] I think of everyone in that show, I’m probably most like Monica too (with some Phoebe randomness). The quizzes usually tell me I’m either Monica or Rachel (I agree that the hybrid of em’ would be best! :O )

  4. I always had a soft spot for Monica. Remember the early episode where her Mom hires her to cater and expects her to “pull a Monica” so has the backup food. All the friends made me laugh. When Chandler didn’t know which of Joey’s sisters he hooked up with. That may be my favorite episode. The best part was the dynamics between all the friendships, I think. I still watch it all the time.

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