10 Minutes A Day To Less Stress

10 Minutes a Day to Less Stress

Raise your hand if you are stressed out.  Did you raise your hand?  If not, slap yo’self!  If you are one of the lucky few who seem to never get stressed then I applaud you.  For the rest of us it seems like there is always something out there stressing us to the max.  “Am I prepared enough for my meeting at work tomorrow?” “Will I have enough money to ____?” Etc etc etc.  For me one of the biggest stress factors is sitting in traffic (but you all know about that too well, eh?)  But do not fear!  There are some tips to help you reduce stress or cope with it better.


Work With Your Hands
Get your mind OUT of the gutter!  I do not mean what you *think* I mean, even though that is a very successful way to destress and relax for a bit (not to mention it burns extra calories!)  If you are stressed you are frying your brain a little bit more each and every minute you do not deal with it.  So let your hands do the thinking for a few minutes.  Go cook a nice dinner or treat yourself to a new dessert.  Go pick some weeds. Finish knitting that scarf you keep putting off.  Just do something to keep your hands busy and your mind from overloading and exploding.


Play Like A Kid
How great was it to run wild with abandon on the playground when you were younger?  You didn’t have a care in the world (except for maybe getting total rope burn from playing too much tetherball).  Figure out a way to recapture some of that playtime and do something silly.  You will laugh and de-stress.  This works even better if you have kids, a niece/nephew, or your friends’ kids to play with because you will probably beat them and seem like a total superstar!  Pro tip:  I find nothing beats building a kickass sheet and pillow fort.  And when you are done you can read in it (or do other fun, naughty, adulty things)!  DOUBLE BONUS.


Get Yourself In Some Warm Water
Preach!  When I had a bigger garden tub sometimes the only thing to get me through the day would be go home, fill it up with scalding hot water, dim the lights, grab a book, and take a bottle of wine with me.  The warm water alone has a calming effect so you can just take a shower to clean off and de-stress if that’s all you have.  Pro tip: make sure you do not do this in the winter to extremes.  I had the water so hot once and it was so cold when I stood up and went to get dressed that I suffered a terrible moment of vasoconstriction and I got dizzy and fainted.  True story, bro.


Declutter Your Counter / Desktop
Sometimes when we are stressed beyond the max we start getting more and more disorganized.  Our counters are littered with mail (both junk and valid) and magazines and newspapers.  Take some time and go through the paperwork and shred the f*ck out of what you don’t need.  Decluttering your counter/desk will help you feel more organized and less stressed and it is totes soothing to obliterate the junk mail.  Pro tip: I find that drenching the junk mail in lighter fluid and torchin’ the bitch is VERY soothing to the soul.  Bonus points:  you could also spend 5-10 minutes sweeping or Swiffering your floors.  I find that the cleaner something is the less anxious I am!



Share Your Thanks
Be more gracious – and not just on or around Thanksgiving!  It takes time and practice but everyone has the ability to get there.  Identify the events, things, and people you are thankful for.  Mention to your loved ones or friend how much you appreciate them.  Post something on social media.  Tell the world how much you love your new pair of underwear!  People that find things to be positive and thankful for can more easily bounce back from stressors.


Visualize a Vacation
Work is the worst.  I mean the ABSOLUTE pits.  We all want to win the lottery and buy our own private island to have sexy models feed us, fan us, and bathe us all day.  For most of us that will never happen, so we settle for the second best thing: a vacation!  Just take 5-10 minutes and visualize that perfect scenario.  Wherever you want to be, just close your eyes, take some deep breaths and think about being there.  You are a little less stressed, yeah?  Well snap the hell out of it!  You probably just got 10 emails at work while you were slacking on the job.


Play With Your Furbaby(ies)
Take your dog for a walk.  Go play with your cat or dog (or ferret if you have one)!  Throw some sticks or terrorize them with long pieces of string.  You will both get some exercise, bond, and feel better.  Pro tip:  people who own pets supposedly have healthier hearts, fewer days spent sick, and vastly lower rates of depression.  So go love yourself by spending playtime with your furbaby.  Just remember that both you and your pet will benefit more if you choose the correct one for whatever activity you want to do…


What are some of the ways you combat stress and attempt to regain a sense of normalcy in your life?  Love to hear what works best for you because a HAPPY WORLD IS A BETTER WORLD, right?  #EndCheesyPost


50 thoughts on “10 Minutes A Day To Less Stress

  1. Playing with my kitties is my BEST – and most fun – way to de-stress! Just watching them play and looking into their adorable little faces really makes me happy! 🙂

  2. The part of getting disorganized over stress is so true, last week my office was a complete wreck. The minute I decided to stop being depressed and clean up, I felt a lot better.

  3. These are all awesome tips! I usually turn to one of my hobbies when I’m stressed out, and if not that…video games are wonderful, and pets are awesome! 😛 I tend to clean when I’m sad.

    P.S. Yay for Anchorman reference! You go, Brick!

    1. Yay for Farrah approval!! 😀 Oh don’t get me wrong – video games are definitely on my list… they usually just take WAY more than 10 minutes for me … more like 10 hour sessions… what…?

      1. Ah, you raise a great point there… I totally forgot that this was supposed to be just 10 minutes. I definitely could not play for only 10 minutes. 10 hour sessions indeed!

  4. Great post! I’ll tell you some of my tricks: book a flight for your next trip (I have 2 scheduled for the next month, so I was recently very stress); walk, walk, walk as if I had to reach the Nirvana in my hometown; go for a cold cold beer 🙂

  5. I never used to get stressed until I passed my driving test. Now it’s the most stressful thing ever and as soon as I am in that car I’m like a different person. For example, the other night whilst driving in the dark for the first proper time I was coming around a corner and the car coming towards me had full beams on. I literally shrieked “I can’t fucking see, I can’t fucking see” like my eyeballs had just fallen out or something. Very stressful! I agree about the whole acting like a kid thing. You just can’t beat a good skip. Even if it’s just around the house. Not with ropes or anything just a skip along. Have you tried that? It actually feels awesome!

  6. What a great post! So positive! I’m a stressor and a worries, ask anyone I know, I worry even when there’s nothing to stress about! Thanks for the tips! I love the one about playing as a child with a child! My son will love this & why not, I don’t want to be an adult anymore haha! Fab!

  7. This is a great list! I definitely need to try more of these activities as I’m constantly stressed out and it’s affecting my sleep 😦 I thinking adult colouring another activity that helps you destress 🙂

  8. These are really helpful! When I’m stressed, I just play with whatever game is on my phone but the other things you suggested pretty much will work to get your mine off things or refresh! Thanks!

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