Life Coach: Mrs. Peacock

Life Coach Mrs Peacock

Clue is one of my all-time favorite movies. What’s NOT to love about it?  There are so many quotable characters, witty one-liners, and animated performances.  I have always favored the female stars in this movie over the males: Mrs. Peacock, Mrs. White, and Miss Scarlet.  From the trio, let’s take a look at what Mrs. Peacock has to teach us in another installment in the Life Coach series!

Top Shelf Liquor Only
We are overwhelmed with hundreds of choices of liquor.  Let’s be good to our livers and only select the highest quality, okay?  It is totally worth the extra money for that good sauce.  I have been known to throw a drink across the room a time or two.  Was it because the quality of the liquor was beneath me or for some other reason?  Regardless of the reason, I think it is safe to say I learned how to discard of crappy liquor by watching Mrs. Peacock.  Being overdramatic is the ONLY way to handle such a nefarious predicament…


Only Classy Suitors
Everyone has different tastes when it comes to relationships.  Before you can commit, you have to know what you’re into and the kind of person you want to be with.  There is no reason to settle for some gross, lackluster troll.  Don’t sell yourself short; tell those unwanted suitors you are waiting for someone better.  Be honest.  Be brutally honest if you need to!


Run Away From Trolls
No matter how clear you make yourself, there will still be some a-holes who don’t know the difference between playing hard to get and just plain no.  Don’t let yourself be a victim.  Run away!  Scream!  Flail!  Make yourself known to others that you are NOT okay with the current situation and you are actively trying to escape the troll pervs.


Always Makes The Best of Any Situation
We are going to be in situations we do not want to be in.  Most of us hate our jobs, dislike going to weddings and funerals, and hate being around smelly people.  Mrs. Peacock’s outlook on life is one we should all strive to model.  She is an exemplary citizen of virtue, optimism, and hope.  What’s that cliche saying?  Oh, yes: every cloud has a silver lining!



Recognize True Beauty
You don’t have to be a snooty art or film critic in New York City to be able to identify and appreciate a true work of art or beauty.  Just because you have to do a double take doesn’t mean anything bad.  You might just be a little taken aback by the sheer beauty that you were temporarily blinded.  Mrs. Peacock clearly needs no help – or the subject was just THAT spectacular.  Siskel or Ebert would probably give… something up, anyway…


A Cheery Disposition Leads Is The Best Policy
People who look happier are more apt to be happy, be surrounded by happy people, and have good things happen to them.  Okay, I sort of made all that up.  But in my mind it makes total sense.  Smiles attract smiles.  If you are happy and smiling, you have a better chance of radiating your surroundings and infecting others with that same feeling.  As Dolly Parton says in Steel Magnolias, “Smile!  It Increase your face value!”


Reminder To Look At The Big Picture
We get so sidetracked by all the small things in life that we sometimes forget the bigger picture.  Small details detract from our ability to focus on the end result.  I know I’m not the only one.  It happens each and every day at work, in fact.  Sometimes we have to be the one to take it back full circle and remind everybody what we are really trying to achieve.  Take Mrs. Peacock for example:  She is at a dinner party with total strangers and they are all being blackmailed.  People keep showing up and dying.  Her future is in danger.  Her life is in danger.  In an attempt to rationalize and reduce further death, she is scolded by Col. Mustard: “This is war, Peacock. Casualties are inevitable. You can not make an omelet without breaking eggs, every cook will tell you that.”



Fall With Dignity
I am clumsy.  Clumsy people fall.  A lot.  You gotta be able to roll with the punches and turn your mistakes into successes.  Fall with grace!  Make people think you did it on purpose or do something that will put a smile on their faces.



Be Your Own Advocate
You have to stand up for yourself.  Never count on someone else to step in for you.  If you are being attacked then it is up to you for self-defense.  You may inspire others to come to your aid, however, if you are the first to speak up.  Let your voice be heard and rally the troops!  Let no man or woman sully your good name!


You Can’t Win Them All
Even if you are successful in following all of the advice taught to you and me by Mrs Peacock, it is inevitable that you will be the victor in every situation.  You can’t win every fight.  I don’t think we SHOULD win every fight – we need to be taught humility and respect, and those are learned through losing (with or without dignity).  Just take your whacks and keep on keepin’ on…



45 thoughts on “Life Coach: Mrs. Peacock

  1. I love your take on Mrs Peacock, many life lessons involved in this writing… Clue was and is a great movie ( I haven’t seen it in a long time, but this post makes me want to watch it again!) : )

  2. Awesome post, with great message! Totally agree with your points made through the character of Mrs Peacock, although I never watched the movie. Funny gifs lol

  3. I always loved playing the game Clue and the movie is one of my favorites! When we played the game, I always picked Mrs. Peacock or Miss Scarlet as my character! 🙂

    1. If you love old movies then I think you will absolutely fall in love with Clue! When I was younger it “scared” me more – but now I know it’s a total comedy and love it!

  4. Never heard of clue before but I agree with all of these life tips so I think it’s something I need to see!

  5. Is there a game version of The Clue? That’s my only knowledge of the characters! ._. Mrs. Peacock does indeed seem like a rather wonderful life coach though, hahaha. I try to find the good in most things! Same with realizing that we win some, we lose some!

    P.S. Yay for classy suitors!

  6. I have never seen this! Why have I not seen this!? The gifs made me curious about this movie! This is a good read!

  7. You presented your arguments very beautifully and cleanly, I feel a bit inspired to go pour myself something from the top shelf now and empower myself through the power of saying “No.” to all the trolls. 🙂

  8. Oh my word this is one of my favorite movies ever. Love it more the more times I see it. Mrs Peacock always makes me smie!

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