Book Review: Unqualified

I just love when Audible has the authors narrate their comedic novels or memoirs.  They wrote the book, so they definitely know how it sounded in their minds and can give it that perfect inflection, emphasis, loudness/quietness, etc.  Unqualified, by Anna Faris, is no exception from that.  Anna does a great job narrating in this book and, as always, I came away from the book with a greater sense that she is ACTUALLY a person, too.  We get caught up in the fame and gossip of everyone that we forget they have joys, fears, pains, anxiety, etc that we do too.


“After surviving an awkward childhood (when she bribed the fastest boy in the third grade with ice cream), navigating dating and marriage in Hollywood, and building a podcast around romantic advice, Anna has plenty of lessons to share: Advocate for yourself. Know that there are wonderful people out there and that a great relationship is possible. And, finally, don’t date magicians.” – Amazon summary

Like a lot of people, I was bummed to hear that Anna and Christ Pratt were separating. They are such real people that I found myself always rooting for them.  They would share glimpses into their lives on Instagram that were not 100% glamorous or staged.  So you can believe that I was crazy excited when I found out the foreword of this book was written by Chris Pratt.  I was excited to hear him narrate as I pressed play for the first time only to find out that HE WASN’T NARRATING HIS PART.  My heart broke again basically.  And it doesn’t matter WHO they chose to narrate that part, because if it wasn’t Chris Pratt, all I heard was Gilbert Gottfried.


But once I got into the book I was extremely impressed with Anna and begin to learn so many things!  For starters, I have been pronouncing her name wrong for nearly twenty years.  It is pronounced like “On-uh” and I was always saying it like “Ann-uh.”  My entire life has been a lie now it seems.  She is from Edmonds, Washington, which is where I would absolutely LOVE to live at some point.  It is such a quaint ferry boat town just about 15-20 miles north of Seattle with the cutest “downtown” are that gives me serious Ghost Whisperer vibes!  I learned why it is called a blowjob (FINALLY!) and my mind was… well… blown!  Because we all know you don’t just hold it and blow on it, so… why!?  If you really wanna know, feel free to ask me – I do not think I should share such things here!


Overall, I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars.  It was entertaining, easy to stay focused, had some great stories about some of my favorite movies that Anna is in, and her narration was great.  Sometimes a narrator can ruin the book, but not Anna.  I enjoyed this so much that I even subscribed to her podcast by the same name, Unqualified, and I will be listening to those in my free time!


3 thoughts on “Book Review: Unqualified

  1. This sounds like an awesome book! I feel like I need something light/fun/real to listen to (I had no idea I was pronouncing her name incorrectly in my head all these years either ._.).

    Off to check out the podcast!!

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