Movie Review: Insidious 4 – The Last Key

Ok.  So I am a HUGE James Wan fan.  There’s not much he’s done that I haven’t loved.  And while I enjoyed this movie, it just didn’t live up to the hype or his reputation in my opinion.  The movie never even made me jump.  The music was nowhere near as good as the rest of the series, and I found myself wondering, “How is this even related?” other than the obvious main character, parapsychologist Dr. Elise Rainier.  Rainier, portrayed by Lin Shaye, is without a doubt the best thing aspect of this movie.  She delivered as she always does.  She is proof that older actors and actresses deserve roles in movies (and horror movies) and that we do not always need teens and 20-somethings getting their fake tits and throats slashed to witness a genuine performance and have a good time.  But she can’t make me give this more than 3 out of 5 stars.


As I mentioned, I was never scared.  No jump scenes scared me.  The music and buildup never scared me.  And the overall premise of this movie did not scare me.  We saw very little of The Further.  This movie focused more on the horrors of humanity than it did the horrors of demons, spirits, and hauntings.  It just did not seem to belong in the Insidious franchise to me.  The last 20 seconds of the movie connected it, but it was loose and stretching it in my opinion.  It was like, “Oh yea, this is an Insidious movie… let’s… throw it in the timeline… right… about.. HERE in the series…”

Insidious 4_b

The main demon was scary only in looks.  He was tall, pale, naked, ghastly with long hair and skeleton keys for fingers.  And he was defeated in about 5 seconds out of nowhere when a character re-surfaces and shocks us all in the same horrible way that General Leia Organa made us gag when she force-pulled her dead body back to the ship in Last Jedi after she blew up and out into space and shockingly did NOT freeze to death.  That one scene (in both movies) was pretty ridiculous to me.


Would I watch this movie again?  Yes.  But only if I were entertaining friends OR watching it as part of a marathon for the series.   As a true horror fan, it is hard to make me turn my back on any movie or franchise.  I love so many different things about all the movies.  So I still enjoyed this movie, I was just extremely disappointed that it didn’t give me MORE.


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