Book Review: Sins of the Father

Sins of the Father is one of those books you find yourself totally immersed in and never has a dull moment. There’s never a good “stopping point” to put your bookmark because it really is that fast-paced. You don’t want to stop turning those pages. I had pretty high expectations going into it based on friends’ reviews and after reading the first book in the Logan Falcone series, Debt of Fear. That being said, Sins met and exceeded those expectations on every page! I found myself reconnecting with the characters from the first book and forming stronger bonds with them. And I felt what they felt. Each character has a different outlook on the war and on terrorism but you find yourself seeing it through all their eyes and minds.

There is one character, The Candyman, that I basically fell in love with. I do not want to give too much away, but I am happy that Reid introduced such an awesome character in the second book of this series. Sins is not just a continuation of the characters in Debt of Fear, it is a total evolution with new locations and characters.

One thing I noticed in going from Debt of Fear to Sins of the Father is the growth in the writing style of the author. Reid’s ability to weave together multiple story lines and give us the descriptions and dialogue we need is spot on. Debt of Fear is a great book, but Sins completely blows it out of the water in every way, shape, and form. I am not what you would call a “Military Thriller lover” by any means, but I will definitely read more of this series/author and it makes me wonder if I have actually been missing out on a really good, heart-pounding genre??

Another thing Reid does here is he never makes you question the story. I mean, I am no expert in government, military, or terrorism, but nothing here seemed far-fetched or out of control like a Mission Impossible movie. Everything just felt real – and even if it isn’t, the point is that I *thought* it was based on how Reid told the story. One thing Reid never skimps on when writing is proper research behind the subject and story.

This was an easy 5-star read for me!

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