A Night Worms Book Review: Glimpse

Glimpse Jonathan Mayberry

Glimpse, by Jonathan Mayberry, is a supernatural thriller sober addict who sees things when she puts on glasses borrowed from someone on a commuter train and keeps getting chunks of time taken from her.  It’s like she blacking out but she hasn’t been using drugs or alcohol.  Weird things start happening to her friends, too.  And she also has to battle with herself for giving up her child at birth years ago when she was unprepared to handle such responsibility.

This movie was a roller coaster for me.  I liked it, then I hated it, then I liked it again, etc.  It seemed the book was ALL over the place.  Reading it sometimes felt like this:  I want to make a grilled cheese sandwich.  So I open the bread bag and out flies tarantulas.  Then I put the butter on, but before I put on the cheese, my phone starts barking and flashing with lightning bolts.  But in the end, my sandwich tasted delicious.

Crazy analogy, right?  Well this is a crazy book!  But you have to keep with it to see how it all ties together and how everything gets answered for you.  It can be tiresome at times, but a lot of books have those “slumps.”  I got confused many times but then I was able to stick with it and come back around to what was happening.

This is the first Mayberry book that I have read (I have another one my shelf that I still need to read!) and I can say that I am crazy interested to see what else he can do and what other types of stories he tells.  This was a little different to me from what I understood his writing to be, but I still dug it!

This is a 4 star read for me.  It’s definitely gonna be a love it or hate it type book, as I even had a few friends that DNFed while others have given it 5 stars.  So this one is totally hard to review and recommend because I KNOW everyone will totally view this book in a different way.  But if you tend to like some of the same books that I do, then check it out!

Thanks to St. Martin’s Press for supplying us Night Worms with free hardcovers in exchange for reviews.  We appreciate it a lot!

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