A Night Worms Book Review: Terror Is Our Business

Terror Is Our Business

Terror Is Our Business is a neat book written by Joe and Kasey Lansdale, a great father-daughter team up! It is a collection of supernormal (their term for “supernatural” which is also explained!) sleuth mystery stories.  Dana and Jana are the primary characters and they investigate and battle some cool and creepy stuff!

First of all, I loved the way these short stories were presented.  They read like you are actually watching or listening to someone tell a story up in front of an audience on stage or something.  I really liked that because it helped bring the stories to life more for me and really pull me in to them.

There is a distinct difference to be noticed between the writing of Joe Lansdale and Kasey Lansdale.  Both are GREAT writers.  One thing I noticed more with Kasey was that she uses a lot more humor and quick wittiness than Joe does.  I thoroughly enjoyed her addition of Jana to the stories!  I think “Blind Love” was my favorite story in the whole collection, too!

There was a lot of great build up in the stories but then the climax usually ended pretty quickly.  That’s the main reason I am going to take a star away from my overall rating.  I wanted to know more of how the spirits/jinns/demons/etc were vanquished and more details around those scenes.

The stories are super easy to read and follow.  They read quicker than you expect them too.  I found myself wanting so much more!  I really hope there are more Dana and Jana sleuthing stories in the future because I will definitely be buying and promoting them!

Easily a 4 star read for me!  And the cover art by Luke Spooner is FANTASTIC!  I just need more of all of this in my life ASAP!  Thank you to Lauren Roberts at Smith Publicity for sending the Night Worms an advanced copy of Terror is Our Business in exchange for honest reviews.


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