Book Review: Duma Key

Duma Key is a book that I have always loved simply because of the cover art. Sometimes a cover is indicative of how I will feel about a book, especially when the cover makes sense to what the book is about. This is the case for Duma Key. As I made progress with the book I would sometimes just turn and look at the cover and think, “Where is this going from here??” And now that I have finished the book, the cover just makes SO much sense and means even more. It is absolutely one of my favorite covers of his books.

Duma Key is the story of Edgar Freemantle, who suffers a terrible injury after a giant crane crushes his truck. He loses his arm and suffers some mental setbacks, and as a result ends up divorced and looking for a new place to live. He ventures to Duma Key, which is gorgeous, remote, and mysterious. Nothing from that point will be the same! As Edgar settles into the house he has nicknamed Big Pink, he uncovers his impressive skills with a paintbrush. And with each painting he completes, he gets closer to the truth of the island, his newfound “gift,” and connecting all the dots.

My favorite thing about the book is King’s description of the island’s geography, the sky, the shells, the house, etc. He really does a fantastic job setting up this beautiful and eerie atmosphere to which we are about to immerse ourselves in for the next 600+ pages.

King is a master of creating friendships and developing highly likable characters. Edgar’s neighbor, Wireman, is easily on my top ten list of favorite characters of all the King books that I have read thus far on my Constant Reader journey. He is so charismatic and the way he talks with interspersed Spanish kept me engaged and on the edge of my seat, so to speak, every time he entered the conversation. There is just something about Wireman that you can’t help but love!

The way that King approaches his Father/Daughter relationship in this one just melts my heart, too. It makes me want little girls to raise and watch grow up. The way they all get each other and love each other and how King illustrates it and makes you feel the warmth is incredible.

I went into this book with ZERO knowledge of what it was about. I don’t even think I read a synopsis! I love going blind into a book from an author who is always executing and meeting/exceeding my expectations because, in the end, it may not even MATTER if I enjoy the story. I just love the way King writes and reading his stuff. Thankfully in this case I DID enjoy the plot. Double points for King! There are times in this story where I literally had to get up and close the door because I didn’t want to look up or see something spooky in my peripheral vision. That’s just how haunting this story can be at times and how effective King is at being able to make you feel vulnerable.

I am in love with Duma Key.


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