Book Review: Pretty Ugly Lies

What causes a woman to just murder her husband and kids? How could someone just snap like that? Pretty Ugly Lies is a psychological thriller that explores just this situation, but the twist is that it could be one of four different women. There are four women’s stories that weave together in this dark novel … Continue reading Book Review: Pretty Ugly Lies

Book Review: Portraits of the Dead

Portraits of the Dead by John Nicholl is quite haunting and seriously freaked me out at times. But in the way that a true crime podcast or an episode of Law and Order: SVU would, ya know? The story focuses on a serial killer who has kidnapped a young 19-year-old girl and has her locked … Continue reading Book Review: Portraits of the Dead

Book Review: No Sad Songs

No Sad Songs by Frank Morelli is the story of 18-year-old Gabe who is forced to mature quicker and more suddenly than most people have to. His grandfather has Alzheimer’s and he suddenly assumes the role of primary caretaker for him. He is struggling with his relationship with his best friend, he has normal teen-like … Continue reading Book Review: No Sad Songs

Book Review: Duma Key

Duma Key is a book that I have always loved simply because of the cover art. Sometimes a cover is indicative of how I will feel about a book, especially when the cover makes sense to what the book is about. This is the case for Duma Key. As I made progress with the book … Continue reading Book Review: Duma Key

Book Review: The Cabin At The End Of The World

The Cabin At The End of the World is the second book I have read by Paul Tremblay. I am picking up on his style a little more with this book. And I am picking up on his flare to have his words punch you in the gut, slam your face on the table, and … Continue reading Book Review: The Cabin At The End Of The World

A Night Worms Book Review: Kill River

First off I want to give a HUGE thanks to author Cameron Roubique for sending me and my fellow Night Worms in exchange for an honest review. To be completely upfront and fair, my initial interest in this book came from the cover art. There’s just something about skulls with eyeballs that get me. And … Continue reading A Night Worms Book Review: Kill River

Book Review: Raven’s Peak

Raven's Peak by Lincoln Cole is a book that I am glad I stumbled across. The book follows two main characters, Abigail and Haatim, who are on an unlikely journey together to a quiet mountain town where there have been reports of strange happenings and people acting crazy. Along the way we learn about both their … Continue reading Book Review: Raven’s Peak