Book Review: Behind The Door

Behind The Door by Mary SanGiovanni captivated me from the synopsis that mentions an occult specialist.  It also helped that the cover was so creepy, eerie, and menacing with these hands reaching out behind a door like they were coming for me.  This is the first time I have read a book by SanGiovanni and … Continue reading Book Review: Behind The Door

Book Wrap-Up: March 2018

March felt like a much more productive month for reading than February did.  I am not sure what happened to February, but not only did it seem to go by in a huge blur, but I also was not as inspired to read.  But thankfully I got the wind back in my sails and am … Continue reading Book Wrap-Up: March 2018

Book Wrap-up: January 2018

Part of me felt like January had 49 days in it.  But in those "49 days" I was able to finish 18 books, so I can't complain too much, eh?  I have never finished that many before - and for none of them to even be graphic novels blew my mind (well actually there was … Continue reading Book Wrap-up: January 2018

Book Review: Ugly As Sin

James Newman, y'all!  If you are not reading him or have not heard of him, then you need to rectify that!  This is my fourth book of his I have read and they have all been 5-star reads!  And bonus: he's super cool and interactive on Instagram and Twitter!  Ok, so back to this book.  … Continue reading Book Review: Ugly As Sin

Book Review: Unqualified

I just love when Audible has the authors narrate their comedic novels or memoirs.  They wrote the book, so they definitely know how it sounded in their minds and can give it that perfect inflection, emphasis, loudness/quietness, etc.  Unqualified, by Anna Faris, is no exception from that.  Anna does a great job narrating in this … Continue reading Book Review: Unqualified