Book Review: Husk

Husk by Dave Zeltserman opens up with a young man on the prowl for some meat to bring back to his clan.  Little do we know that the meat he is looking for is that of a living human and he’s stalking the rest areas off the interstate.  CANNIBALS! Le gasp!  But what happens when he unexpectedly falls in love with one of the potential victims and decides to assimilate to a new life void of his clan’s diet, background, and rituals?


At the beginning we get lots of uncomfortable talks about how someone looks like there “is not enough meat on the bones” or “how much meat can we trim off them.”  There are jokes about skinning people alive and more.  At this point, the book could go one of two ways: it could become a gore fest of slaughtering/skinning people alive and eating them OR it could go the way it did.

I WAS looking forward to lots of gore, but I actually enjoyed the route the story went.  Our protagonist was trying to assimilate to the real world, fight off his cravings, and escape the ways of his clan.  He fell in love and it was fun watching him learn about the ways of the real world in the landscape of New York City.  There were a couple scenes that gave me enough gore to keep MY cravings at bay!


This book gets 4 out of 5 stars from me and I am thankful to NetGalley and Severn House Publishers for the advance copy.  Crittically acclaimed author Paul Tremblay is quoted as saying this about Husk: “Dave Zeltserman’s Husk is a compelling, quirky, twisty, smart, page-turner mix of horror, satire, and even a little romance with (yeah, I’ll say it) bite. A brutal love story perfect for our dark times.”  And I couldn’t agree more!

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