Book Review: Unmemory

Kristi DeMeester continues to grow as a new favorite author of mine with each of her works I read. I first read Beneath. Then I read the first story in Everything That’s Underneath – and I am so eager to open that horror collection back up! And now I was able to read Unmemory, a creepy holiday-themed short story, due to it being included in the Night Worms book package for December.


I am going to start by saying that I am not YET a huge short story fan as a whole. I enjoy less of them than I love. And I LOVE even less than I enjoy. I am not sure what it is – it could be that I just want more more more all the time and I am not the right audience for “snippets” of horror. But then there are some authors like DeMeester who make me forget I am reading a short story at all and I just love everything I am reading. Unmemory is that!

I loved the format in which it was told – a chapbook pamphlet with some KILLER illustrations throughout. Yves Tourigny slayed me with all the fantastic artwork! The opening sentence had me beyond hooked. And the “focal point” of the story surrounds an old VHS tape. SOLD.

I do not want to give too much away since the story is so short, but I will say that I got some great nostalgia Christmas vibes from this one in the midst of the Santa-fueled movie terror. And I am also reminded that I need to be ever so grateful at all times that the man I ended up meeting online turned out to be normal and that I married him! Things could have gone in such a different path…

4.5 out of 5 for Unmemory from me! DeMeester just know show to tell a story and her way with words will just make you warm all over. HIGHLY recommended!


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