Book Review: The Human Santapede

"So here it is, Merry Christmas, / Everybody's arse to face, / Shitting down each other's throats, / A yuletide disgrace." The Human Santapede.  Who even knew this was a thing?!  I was just looking through Amazon for some Christmas horror books when I stumbled across this cover, spat out my eggnog, and dropped my … Continue reading Book Review: The Human Santapede

Book Review: Unmemory

Kristi DeMeester continues to grow as a new favorite author of mine with each of her works I read. I first read Beneath. Then I read the first story in Everything That's Underneath - and I am so eager to open that horror collection back up! And now I was able to read Unmemory, a … Continue reading Book Review: Unmemory

The Tacky Christmas Sweater: Just Add Glitter

We've all seen them.  We all know someone who has worn them.  And we, ourselves, probably wore them from time to time growing up thinking they were sensible, cool, and appropriate items of fashion.  How did we not know how tacky they truly were?  I think there were instances where we did, as a lot … Continue reading The Tacky Christmas Sweater: Just Add Glitter

The Perfect Eggnog

The holidays just aren't complete without my daily tonic of homemade eggnog, also called egg milk punch.  I tend to stay away from calling it the latter because "milk punch" sounds a little gross (almost like we threw in some milk on a frozen sorbet and cracked open some eggs on it- yikes).  I tried … Continue reading The Perfect Eggnog

Black Christmas: A List of Ho-Ho-Horror Movies

It is getting darker and colder as we approach the end of the year.  These are the nights that should be filled with holiday cocktails and our most beloved Christmas movies.  I want to remind everyone that in addition to the classic films out, there are also plenty of Christmas horror movies they can watch … Continue reading Black Christmas: A List of Ho-Ho-Horror Movies

My Christmas Wish To You

Christmas and Halloween have always been my favorite holidays.  No, it's not the candy and the presents.  It's that most people seem to come alive and be joyous during these times.  My friends and family become lively and engaged.  I love watching people be enthused and happy about something.  Enthusiasm is the greatest asset in … Continue reading My Christmas Wish To You

Ho Ho No: Christmas Albums That Make You Choke On Your Eggnog

While the big day is fast approaching, I cannot help but immerse myself in all of the great Christmas music.  I've been to a chorus show, seen a Christmas musical, and loaded my playlist up with tons of holiday songs.  From snow globes to ornaments, even my Christmas decorations are pouring out music.  Now that … Continue reading Ho Ho No: Christmas Albums That Make You Choke On Your Eggnog

Merry Christmas. Shitter Was Full!

I love December.  After October, it is my favorite month of the year.  The weather is typically grey and windy with chances of snow here and there.  Work life seems to slow down while everyone is on vacation.  Holiday movies evoking childhood memories flood my DVR.  The annual Doctor Who Christmas Special.  There are usually … Continue reading Merry Christmas. Shitter Was Full!