Book Review: The Purity of Crimson

I love reading this book even though I knew it was going to be the last in the Gabriel Davenport series. Beverley Lee’s ability to tell a story surpasses so many authors that I have read and she does not disappoint with The Purity of Crimson. With short chapters and a riveting plot this book seemed to fly by while I was reading it – and I am not complaining! I could get lost in Lee’s prose (seriously you just have to read her work to understand what I am talking about here! Her writing is just spectacular!) and the minds of all her intricately developed characters. And we get some new ones in this book which is another bonus!


Summary is as follows:

Blood calls to blood.

Gabriel Davenport and his brothers have found a temporary refuge. But safety is fleeting.

Beneath the streets of London three become five, as the brothers, the “Bloody Little Prophets,” are joined by a witch boy sent on a mission and a terrified, persecuted vampire.

But every meeting has its consequences. And one of them is not who he says he is.

One by one, the brothers are torn apart, and all must face their own demons when unexpected questions and uncertainty arise.

Gabriel’s quest takes him to the very edge of his morality—to a creature who holds the key to death itself.

What would he give to know why the wings of darkness had always sought him?

And what would any of them sacrifice to save each other?

I love how this book just seems to begin so seamlessly where Book 2 ended. We get right back into our story with Gabriel, Moth, Teal, and all the others so quickly and it felt so good to be back in their world. I am definitely sad that this series has ended, but I know Lee will be back with something just as fresh and exciting for us next! Make sure you check this book and series out! 5 EASY AMAZING STARS!

An added bonus is just how interactive and great Beverley is as a person on social media!  So check her out on Instagram and Twitter.  And stay updated with what’s going on by checking out her website and newsletter!


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