A Night Worms Book Review: Where Stars Won’t Shine

It’s always a big decision to choose the first book of the year to read. I decided on Where Stars Won’t Shine by Patrick Lacey as it seemed interesting and was also going to be a ‘group read’ for the month, too. It’s always nice to know when you make the right decision! And every time I look at this gorgeous, dark, cold, blue cover… I will be enveloped with the feeling I had while reading this book. It’s difficult to explain to others that -actual- feeling, but I am excited to have it and hope that my review will encourage others to read this book and search for that feeling of your own.

where stars wont shine

Where Stars Wont’t Shine has so much going on for fans of any horror sub-genre to love as it blends its horror with true crime and a serial killer, dark fantasy, a little supernatural, haunted house/town, etc. I was totally engrossed from the opening chapter and read it in two sittings. It takes a really good book to not allow me to at least get pulled away to browse social media, turn on a show or movie for a quick break, or pause to play some computer games. I only stopped this book to sleep (because I am not as young as I once was and need sleep so that I function properly and do not end up getting fired for being a total a$$hole at work!)

Some of the chapters were separated by excerpts from a book written about the serial killer IN the book. So basically it was like reading a book within a book sometimes. And it was fascinating and I love when authors do this – I wish it was done more! It just adds a little bit more to bringing the reader into the story and the psyche of the characters. It’s kind of like when there are newspaper clippings, podcast transcriptions, etc in books.

I found myself rooting for all the characters, even the “villain(s)” of the story. I could connect with each of them on different levels based on their losses, hopes, and experiences. It makes reading a book so much more effortless when you love the characters you are reading about. And the town of Marlowe, Massachusetts is like a character all on its own, too. I love when the setting IS a character and is just as integral with its descriptions and nuances as any character in a story with dialogue and actions. Lacey nailed it when it comes to creating this town!

5 stars to my first completed book of the 2019! Loved this one!! This will most definitely not be the last Patrick Lacey book I read – I plan on getting some more of his works and he is an author that I will seek to read more whenever I get the chance. Thanks to the author for sending the Night Worms copies for an honest review!

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