Absolutely Fall-ing In Love

Absolutely Fall-ing In Love

There are so many reasons to love Fall.  It is one of my favorite times of year and it contains my favorite month of the year, October.  My list of reasons why I love Fall is short and rather simple: the weather, horror movies, Halloween, seasonal beer, and so many television season premieres!  Did I mention football?!

The Weather
Let’s start with the weather.  I am the biggest fan of cool, rainy weather.  Everyone thinks I’m depressed or weird because I prefer dark, cold, and rainy to bright, warm, and sunny (unless I am at the beach, the park/a festival, a theme park, etc).  And what better months are there for that then late September thru October?  I love the constant overcast sky with bursts of misting rain.  Hearing the “wssshhh” as cars drive by on the wet roads is something I love going to sleep and waking up to.  I run a few degrees hotter than most people (in every sense – bowchickawowow), so I truly thrive on these cool Fall nights.  Sitting out on the our newly screened in and redesigned patio with a glass of wine and reading a new book is a great way to relax.  And taking walks and earning those extra FitBit steps are even easier this time of year.  So there’s no excuse not to get in some better shape!  Anyone want to connect on FitBit for challenges?


Horror Movies
If you can’t tell I love horror movies, then you haven’t been paying attention while reading my blog.  I have had a fascination with horror movies ever since I was a child (can you believe my parents let me watch them since kindergarten?!  Perks of my dad owning a video store, I guess!)  The first movie I ever remember watching is A Nightmare on Elm Street.  What’s funny is that no matter how scared I was of Freddy Krueger, Michael Myers, or Jason Voorhees, I was doubly scared of Ike Turner.  I saw What’s Love Got To Do With It and my life was never the same when I saw Laurence Fishburne/Ike dragging Angela Bassett/Tina down the hallway and beating the living crap out of her.  I wouldn’t run into my parents room with bad dreams of monsters.  I would run in screaming, “I had another Ike-mare!”  is it precious to think about now?  Maybe, sure.  But then?  TERRIFYING.  Eating pie in a diner has never been the same…


Slasher movies have always been my favorite growing up, no matter how cheesy they were/are.  But my love for horror movies spans all the genres now.  I really like paranormal type movies more today than I used to (e.g. The Conjuring, Deliver Us From Evil, Insidious, etc).  The “found-footage” genre is growing on me, but I think they are overproduced nowadays.  Whatever genre you watch, just make sure you follow the guidelines to SURVIVE!


Remember how I said there is no excuse to not get in better shape earlier?  Scratch that.  Give me ALL the candy!  I love Cadbury creme eggs, Reese’s (both cups and pieces), Skittles, Starburst,  jellybeans (more than Reagan liked them), and anything with a gooey, caramel filling.  My dentist hates me.  Actually, he loves me.  I pay him LOTS of my hard earned money.


I love lighting lots of candles and making all sorts of comfort foods to snack on while curled up with my man watching as many horror movies that night as we can.  We have made it tradition to do Halloween each night the past 2 years and I am sure that knife-wielding, Shatner mask-wearing psycho will be gracing our TV once again this year!

We hosted a party at our house last year and we are doing another one this year.  Last year I was Elliot with my ET doll and Jeff donned a wig and overalls and became little sister, Gertie.  If he isn’t just the spitting image of darling Drew Barrymore then I don’t know who is!  I will keep you informed as to what we will be dressing up as this year as we get closer to the big day.  Trick or treat, after all 🙂


Seasonal Beer
Yaaaas!  If anyone knows me, they know I love my beer!  Fall has the best flavors.  Sure, I embrace my inner white girl and love some Pumpkin Spice Lattes, but I would rather have some pumpkin flavored/Octoberfest beer ANY day!  There are tons of ciders to try, too.  Craft beers have always peaked my interest way more than typical Bud Light, Coors, etc, and you get so many great options and styles with craft beers.


We have some great local breweries here (Sweetwater, Jekyll, Red Brick, Monday Night Brewing) that do great taste testing, tours, etc.  There is a HUGE craft beer festival in Decatur, Ga (basically Atlanta) every year, too.  It usually sells out of tickets within 12 hours of launch.  Luckily I was able to procure two this year as I did last year!  I can’t wait to make my pretzel necklace and be on my way in a few weeks!  Do I have any more craft beer fans here?


TV Shows + Football
Fall TV is here!  They have really amped up the off-season shows, but nothing compares to a great Fall lineup.  These past few weeks I have been excited for: Grey’s Anatomy, The Walking Dead, American Horror Story, Scream Queens, Quantico, Once Upon a Time, How to Get Away With Murder, Heroes Reborn, iZombie, The Muppets, and even a few more I don’t need to bore you with!

Annnnnd it’s finally football time again!  I love to open the windows to some good weather, crack open some seasonal craft beer, and turn on to some of my favorite teams (Broncos, Falcons, Tennessee Vols, Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets) and scream at the TV!  What TV shows/football teams are you excited for this year?

What are some of the reasons you love/hate Fall?  Linkup with The Blogging Elite via the butting below and let’s see!  ET wants to know – it will help his hangover:


The Blogging Elite


32 thoughts on “Absolutely Fall-ing In Love

  1. hahahaha, failed jelly belly flavors. That’s awesome. 😛

    I adore warm + sunny weather, but I will make an exception for the cool foods and awesome TV shows that are coming back!

  2. The weather is by far the best part of fall. And don’t forget the food! I love homemade soups, stews and other meals that “warm my bones” on a chilly autumn day. I love this post. Commenting via The Blogging Elite from blissfullybrunette.com!

    1. I love anything soup/stew/chili related, especially in the fall! I hope to have a soup all the time as a backup snack or meal in the fridge 🙂 I’ve made 3 so far this month but definitely need to make some more!

  3. Fall is hands down my favorite season, EVER. Sadly, Los Angeles doesn’t REALLY have a fall, so I haven’t experienced it in quite some time, and your photos make me kind of sad. I feel like I need to go somewhere that has FALL next week, so I can get the warm and fuzzy feeling 😉 LA is still 100 degrees, UGH!

    1. Ugh 100 degrees would kill me! Is it humid, too? That’s the bad thing about Thailand… err.. I mean Atlanta… it’s so dang humid on TOP of being so hot.

      But there is definitely some gorgeous fall weather here 🙂 But no beach!!!

  4. Everything about fall is amazing. It will always be my favorite season because it’s perfect. The weather is my favorite – NO BUGS! Well less of them anyway. Halloween is one of my favorite holidays. I love dressing up. Let’s do Halloween together one day, okay? I feel like we’d have the most AMAZING time. Fall TV – omg! The best. All of my shows are coming back on! I’m so excited about Scream Queens. Everyone keeps telling me I’ll love it, so I need to watch it. OUAT, HTGAWM – so much yes. I’m so freaking excited for Heroes Reborn! Ah!

    1. Yes! NO MORE BUGS! How could I forget that amazing perk?!

      We’d be boss at couples costuming. I know Jeff is tired of me making him go in drag all the time 😉

      Scream queens was silly but HILARIOUS! #AllTheTV!

  5. I don’t have cable, so I can’t even enjoy fall tv premieres. Isn’t that unfortunate?! I almost only like fall beers. I hate beer, except for Sam Adam’s Octoberfest. Granted, maybe because when I had it last year we had been wandering around a cornmaze for two hours and were starving by the end of it so pizza and beer was like the best thing to our mouths after that. Happy Fall!

    1. I have only been lost in a cornmaze once, and it was one where people are dressed in potato sack helmets, bloody clothing, an wielding chainsaws while popping out at you! Terrifying…

      Do you Netflix/Hulu/Amazon Prime for shows at all?

    1. Aww thanks for that! I took some time off due to increase in work demands and just personal breathing time. I really want to get more into continuous activity 🙂 So hope to see you around more!

      1. I love my movies 🙂 I am sure it will take quite some time to catch up – you’ve got so many reviews out there! I’ll bring some popcorn!

      2. I am scrolling through now and just picking out some here and there 🙂 I have already earmarked Buffy, Charmed, etc… as those will require some DEEP reading and responses on my end (I feel like a new kid on Christmas scrolling through all the items you have reviewed!!!)

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