Pluviophile: (n.) lover of rain


For years and years I have tried to fit into a society that shuns the “type of person” I am.  I fear for my safety at times, praying that no one will learn the truth about me.  Will my friends and family still love me?  Will my cat ever look at me the same when I finally say the words out loud?  Sink or swim, it’s time to come clean.  If you think this is the part where I mention my sexuality, that ship sailed years ago and I still have friends, family, and my cat still loves me… most of the time.  No, this is a deeper, more tragic confession.  I… am… a… pluviophile.  *scrunches face and hangs head in embarrassment*


If you are still reading, that means I must not have offended your beliefs as much as I feared I might.  So many people look at me crazy when I mention how much I love the rain.  All the time.  I don’t just love it while I am snuggled on the couch reading or watching television.  My love of rain is constant.  The sound of rain gives me a surge of energy and happiness.  The way most people feel when the weather is warm and sunny is how I feel when it is dark, cold, and dreary.  I am not depressed.  Depressed people don’t become joyous and jubilant at the mere thought of rain.  Or do they?  I don’t know.  But I battled depression in high school (largely due to my hiding out in the closet) and I am telling you this is not it.  I simply love the rain!


Soon enough, being an out and proud pluviophile will be the trendy, hipster thing.  It will be a bittersweet day.  I will see so many more smiling faces with whom I can share a special part of my life with.  We will have parades, flags, and we could probably insert ourselves into the online dating market with a new app for rain lovers by rain lovers.  On the flip side, not everyone will be an authentic and genuine pluviophile.  There will inevitably be false prophets sneaking among us.  Fakers gonna fake, fake, fake, fake, fake, but let me give you all one solid piece of advice:  if Jessie Spano can’t convince Zack Morris that “she’s so excited,” then you have no chance in hell of convincing me.  Move along to the next trend.  Buh-bye.


One of the reasons I get so excited about rain is because of how immediately peaceful I feel when it begins.  The sound of the water bouncing on the driveway or landing on the rooftop is so soothing.  There is something extra magical when hearing the rain land on leaves on a tree.  I am still.  Listening to the rain provides the benefits of a cocktail without the calories or the clarity of a psychiatry session without the bill.  I want it to rain all of the time.  It could drizzle or be a torrential downpour and I would be overwhelmed with happiness and an inner calm.


The rain is an agent of nostalgia.  All the way back to elementary school, I loved when recess was held indoors due to the weather conditions (mainly because I am about a degree and a half hotter than most people and I do not sweat so I would overheat).  We would play Oregon Trail on our computers, card games like War and Slap, board games and pick up sticks, and we would have fun with Mad Libs.  It was even more amazing to go home after school and it still be raining because I would read by the window or watch TBS (which was always Saved By The Bell and Full House during that time).  Who doesn’t love some childhood nostalgia?


Rain is as important to me as love is to Noah and Allie in The Notebook.  I will totally love rain when it gets Alzheimer’s and hold its hand as we die together in the most romantic way possible.  I love rain like Kanye loves Kanye.  You might even wager my love for rain compares with the friendship between Meredith Grey and Cristina Yang in Grey’s Anatomy: rain is totally “my person.”  I’ll even take a note from Cady Heron in Mean Girls and say that rain is just so “grool.”  And sometimes, just sometimes, when the rain starts to slow down I open my door sobbing, and like Jack Twist to Ennis Del Mar in Brokeback Mountain I cry, “I wish I knew how to quit you!”  Rain got me like:



34 thoughts on “Pluviophile: (n.) lover of rain

  1. This post cracked me up. Your movie references are so ON POINT!!!!!!!! I love rain, too. I go crazy even before the first drop of rain hits water. This word is so perfect! Pluviophile, that is!!

  2. I love the rain too! It’s raining here right now. It started while I was walking to my car and I just stopped for a few minutes to listen to it and got soaked. Oh well, this is why I keep a clean towel in my car.

    1. We can always dry ourselves off! It’s been raining here on and off all day, too. In between commercial breaks I’ve been looking out the doors and windows 🙂

  3. If you love rain, I feel like you’d really like Oregon and Washington! 😛 I like sunny weather, but California reallyyy needs rain, so I’m cool with rainy days as well. (I’d just prefer it to be when I don’t have to drive, because no one knows how to drive here when it’s rainy. ;_; ) I’d be cool with splashing in puddles in rainboots! 😛

  4. In the Philippines, we either love the rain or hate it. You see, our weather is hot generally and we would love to have occassional rainshowers. However, flooding is becoming a problem. Not to mention, we are visited by 20+ typhoons (hurricanes) per year, so it depends.

  5. I am not too fond of rain but I don’t mind it too much because I don’t walk or use any public transport. So it is okay for me to travel even when I need to go out for work. But I love the smell of the rain. It is gorgeous.

  6. I had no idea this was a word but I love it! I mostly love rain, especially when I’m indoors and listening to it hit against the window as it’s relaxing 🙂

  7. I can understand what you feel. Some of my friends prefer rainy days rather than shiny and they are so happy! As for me, I want the sun to shine. All the time! 🙂

  8. Now there is where the romantic you was hiding! 🙂 I like rain but not every day, not all the time (guess what? It’s raining right now, with big, fast drops, soaking every poor soul that had the idea to get out of the house). I live in England so there is a lot of rain here. Sometimes I like it. When I get soaked, I don’t.

  9. I share your love of rain. I am listening to the rain pour as I write this and it instantly calms me. So I’m here to say, I get it! I’m a Pluviophile too!

  10. I am a sunny person. I am the one who will be automatically happy when the sun is out. However, when I read your post, I understand what you think… The feeling of a peaceful rain… Well, unfortunately, it’s not the kind of rain we have in Belgium 😀

  11. Lovely post! I am too! I was only speaking the other day about how much I love going for walks in the pouring rain. People think I’m crazy!

    Ami xxx

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